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Our next Event!!!




This year our Summer Showcase is entitled 'Jolly Holiday' and will take place at the wyvern theatre, Swindon.


If you want to take part but have not handed your forms in, please speak to Miss Charlotte as soon as possible. group rehearsals are listed below. A costume list will be available shortly.


Sunday 29th April: East Wichel Community Centre

1.30-3.00pm: All Students, Jolly Holiday Rehearsal

3.00-4.30pm: Junior/Inter/Senior Ballet Students, Nutcracker Rehearsal


Sunday 6th May: East Wichel Community Centre

1.30-3.00pm: All Students, Jolly Holiday recap. Flash, Bang, Wallop  


3.00-4.30pm: Infant (selected), Junior, Inter, Senior Students, Wild Party



Sunday 3rd June:

Costume Pick up- Times TBC


Monday 4th June: Brookfield School

4.30-5.30pm: Baby/Infant Rehearsal

5.30-7.00pm: Junior and festival Group Rehearsal (Also Nutcracker)

6.30-8.30pm: Inter/Senior Rehearsal


Tuesday 5th June: Peatmoor School

3.45-4.45pm: All Infants and Babies

4.45-5.45pm:Juniors (Including Festival group Infants)

5.45-7.15pm: Senior Ballet Rehearsal


Wednesday 6th June: Venue TBC

4.30-6.30pm: Run through of all group numbers


Thurday 7th June: Peatmoor School

4.30pm: Correction Session- Groups TBC


Friday 8th June: Peatmoor School

4.00-6.30PM: Full Run Through


Saturday 9th June: Wyvern Theatre

10.00-5.00pm: Full Dress Rehearsal (Baby/Infants until 1.30pm)


7.30pm: Show


Strictly Come Dancing Show- April 2014